This is a movement to end modern-day slavery

This is a movement to end modern-day slavery

Posted by Tony Robbins on Feb 4th 2020

This issue is black & white: Children are NOT for sale.

This is a movement to end modern-day slavery, hashtag#humantrafficking. Super Bowl weekend marks the highest incident of sex trafficking in America.

The hashtag#FreedomMovement has launched a national hotline for victims to call for immediate rescue and resources.

If you need help or witness suspicious activity call 1-888-8-FREE-ME.

The hashtag#FreedomMovement was created by medical students in tandem with the Sound of Freedom filmmakers (the real-life story of Operation Underground Railroad and its founder Tim Ballard).

The hashtag#SoundOfFreedom film shares the inspirational true story of Tim, a former-CIA agent who left Homeland Security to conduct covert rescue missions that save thousands of children from human trafficking around the world and dismantle the criminal networks which operate them.

The Sound of Freedom releases at the end of 2020.