Bulletproof Unlimited 2017

I had a wonderful time with Dave Aspery (Bulletproof Exec) and the coaches, gurus and all Bulletproof tribe who attended BE UNLIMTED.  So much wealth of knowledge  and practical self development tools were shared from speakers who had such depth of experience in their field of expertise. I highly recommend to everyone and I am hoping we can bring this event to Iceland to share with all Bulletproof folks around the globe.

 BE UNLIMITED is the result of a collaboration between six world-class teachers: a Biohacker (Dave Asprey), a Zen Master (Genpo Roshi), a Master of the 'Emperor's' Energy (Dr Barry Morguelan), the leading Holotropic Breathwork teacher (Tav Sparks), self-mastery teacher (Dr Mark Atkinson) and the World’s Leading Expert on Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness (Dr Stanislav Grof).

By integrating Holotropic Breathwork™ (a powerful way to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness), with instruction in how to develop mastery in three key high-performance domains (state, energy and awareness), you will emerge empowered to be and become the best version of yourself. There is nothing like this process anywhere in the world!

For more information click here: Be Unlimited