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The Flow Genome Project is teaming up with Psykia Institute and Johns Hopkins University (JHU) to study breathwork as treatment for veterans suffering from severe Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dear Flow Hacker Nation,This one's to the point: We are sponsoring a first of its kind new study with Dr. Matthew Johnson at Johns Hopkins University (one of the lead psilocybin researchers behind all of the studies you've been hearing about) on the impact of breathwork on PTSD and we need your help!We are raising [...]

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Primate Eating - Great New Book by Cynthia Thurlow, NP and Chris Neander

Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner with 20 years’ experience in ER medicine and cardiology; a functional nutritionist; 2-x TEDx speaker and co-host of the Everyday Wellness podcast. She’s a recognized hormonal health expert and is passionate about the inherent power of food and nutrition as the greatest asset to your health and wellness journey. She [...]

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EAU Bottle @upgradelabsxp2019

Amazing time @ #upgradelabsxp2019 , we are so grateful to Dave Aspery and his team, the upgrade lab staff and volunteers , and my good friend Michelle Marie Sorro for being such an brilliant host who presented and shared the EAU bottles story/ journey, we really appreciate you. We had a Blast of an entry [...]

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Daria is Proud to announce our collaboration with Yamasaki Academies.

Jiu-Jitsu was introduced to Brazil in the early 1914 by Mitsuyo Maeda (or “Conde Koma” in Brazilian Portuguese). In 1938, Maeda subsequently opened a dojo with another immigrant named Ryuzo Ogawa.In 1925, the Japanese government determined that based on Judo terminology it would be correctly described through Jigoro Kano Martial Art. Around the rest of [...]

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Wild Arctic Sea Cucumbers from Iceland - Now available @ Daria Imports

The sea cucumber as healthy delicacy has a long history in China. In the Chinese language the sea cucumber is called “hai shen” which means “sea ginseng” in direct translation. The Chinese are the biggest consumers of sea cucumbers in the world and use it to treat high blood pressure and joint pain as well [...]

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Bulletproof Unlimited 2017

I had a wonderful time with Dave Aspery (Bulletproof Exec) and the coaches, gurus and all Bulletproof tribe who attended BE UNLIMTED.  So much wealth of knowledge  and practical self development tools were shared from speakers who had such depth of experience in their field of expertise. I highly recommend to everyone and I am hoping we can [...]

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If you are wondering what the story is behind the pure and natural Icelandic products Daria Imports LLC offers, what is better than book a tour to Iceland and see for yourself?  In our tours you get good impression of the unique Icelandic nature elements that bring value to these products.Whether you have only a [...]

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And we're off! Iceland product vetting tour

I'm headed to Iceland this week to check out a few products that I’m really excited to potentially add to our lineup at Daria Imports. We've made it our mission to bring superior Icelandic wellness products to North America, and are always seeking partners who share our philosophy of bringing innovative products of the highest [...]

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